Would you undertake the work to design a 2.5m high retaining wall?

As this is an area where other disciplines are better placed to provide suitable information with regards to the wall’s structural stability, it is unlikely that a Landscape Architect would provide a solution directly to the client without the advice and/or approval of a structural engineer first.

Whether or not to undertake this type of work depends on several factors. Some considerations might include:

  • Expertise: Do you have the necessary expertise to design a 2.5m high retaining wall? If not, you should consider declining the project or finding a way to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience or direct the client to a professional with the required knowledge and expertise in this area.
  • Safety concerns: Retaining walls can pose safety hazards if not designed and constructed properly. Are there any potential risks and what can you do to mitigate them through design?
  • Liability: Are you willing to assume the potential liability associated with designing a retaining wall? Obtaining suitable insurance or other protection may help mitigating this risk.


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