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28 Dec 2021

Thank you very much for the online platform. It is extremely useful. 

Landscape Architect
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12 Oct 2020

Thank you for providing us with this platform.

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3 Feb 2020

Thank you for your fantastic website, it is a very useful resource.

Landscape Architect
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10 Jan 2020

I am a regular user of ExamChum as I am working towards the P2C exam and have found the site really useful.

Landscape Architect
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27 Aug 2019

I have found Examchum really useful when studying for P2C. There is a broad range of resources and questions.

Landscape Architect, Worcester
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2 Aug 2019

Hey guys, I love this site – well done for putting it all together and simplifying the language out of those reference books!

Landscape Architect
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22 Mar 2019

I am currently on the Pathway and preparing to sit in the upcoming exam. I have recently found ExamChum accidentally while searching for something in the web. I was really excited to see almost all the syllabus information being put together in order. What’s even more interesting was it was put together in Q&A format where it’s easy to understand the essence of the syllabus rather than reading through the entire study material. It’s a fantastic and commendable effort by ExamChum. My sincere thanks, kind regards to the entire team. ExamChum is a must for every candidate who is on P2C.

Balamurugan A.
Senior Landscape Architect, Gulf House Engineering, Bahrain
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17 Jan 2019

Great site – extremely useful for me on the P2C.

Landscape Architect, Belfast City Council
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14 Dec 2018

This is great. Really useful to have such a large range of resources in one place. Thanks very much! 

Sam Bailey
Landscape Architect, Ares Landscape Architects Ltd
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07 Dec 2018

I think this is a great resource – something the Pathway has been crying out for.

Lisa McRavey
Chartered Landscape Architect, Ian White Associates
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03 Dec 2018

This is an amazing website! Glad that I found it at the right time.

Landscape Architect

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