Summary Tables

Section 2

Table Description Link
Forms of Practice A breakdown of all the sections that describe each Form of Practice (liabilities, tax, dissolution, pros/cons) Go to table
Landscape Consultant’s Appointment A list of the Landscape Consultant’s Appointment proposed professional services Go to table
Primary and Secondary legislation What are the differences between the two and what’s included in each one Go to table
UK legal system structure A brief description of the two available routes according to the nature of the case Go to table
Fee Calculation This table describes the three main methods of fee calculation as well as their pros and cons for the client and the consultant (lump sum, percentage, time charge) Go to table
Insurance Types Describes the various types of Insurance a professional should obtain according to the form of practice or circumstances Go to table
LA’s Liabilities A summary of a Landscape Architect’s liabilities Go to table
Trespass in tort What the three possible options are Go to table
Civil / Criminal law differences This table below summarises the key differences between civil and criminal law in tort Go to table

Section 3

Table Description Link
Designations Find useful information about all the UK designations, including the responsible departments and supporting legislation Go to table
Departments, Agencies & Statutory Consultees Lists the most important UK departments and agencies that can act as statutory and non-statutory consultees in deciding a planning application Go to table
EIA – Schedules 1 & 2 A short summary of the categories that are associated with each schedule Go to table
LPA Response Timescales Check on the expected response timescales according to the project size (area or Nr of dwellings) Go to table
Statutory Consultees and Undertakers Lists the most common statutory and non-statutory consultees and undertakers Go to table
Planning Permission Duration How long is planning consent valid for the most common types of application Go to table
Appeal response periods This table provides the response periods according to each type of appeal Go to table
Use Classes A brief summary of the various use classes that are used in planning Go to table

Section 4

Table Description Link
JCT 2016 forms of contract Which are the forms and when they are best used Go to table
JCT 2016 procurement contract types A list of the uses of the JCT contract for various procurement routes Go to table
JCT 2016 procurement The types of contract that are available for each type of procurement, under the JCT 2016 form of contract Go to table
Comparison of NEC and JCT A detailed summary of the similarities and differences between the two forms of contract Go to table
Limitations of Liability Learn more about the liabilities a professional may have when involved in a project and their limitation periods Go to table
BIM levels Describes the individual characteristics of each BIM level Go to table