When engaging with an inexperienced client what should you inform the client about?

Depending on the complexity of the project, you would need to obtain information about various aspects of the projects with associated costs and time implications:

  • Appointment – which form will you be using to enable your services with the Client? Is he/she aware of this form and comfortable to sign?
  • Planning matters – does the project need planning permission? What type? Permitted development?
  • Designations; are there any on site?
  • Is an LVIA/EIA required = planning decision response times different if one is required.
  • Legal – are there any TPOs on site? Any other designations?
  • Surveys (ecological, topographical, trees). Are there any protected species? Do we need mitigation measures and specialists to be appointed to work with habitats found on site?
  • Are there any invasive species on site?
  • Any other major constraints (gas pipes, HV overhead cables)? Any easements, wayleaves or covenants posing restrictions?
  • Tendering process – which one is the most suitable one for this project?
  • Construction Contract – which one is the most suitable one for this project?

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