Our Vision

our vision

ExamChum offers you a unique compilation of questions and answers relative to the Landscape Institute’s (LI) Pathway to Chartership (P2C) syllabus, leading to the oral exam held by the LI twice a year. The knowledge level required to succeed in the exams can sometimes be intimidating and off-putting. We’re here to help you take some of the stress away, by having done the hard work for you and giving you the answers to the most significant (and even rare) questions you might come across and help you understand what is expected from you in your career.

Our vision is to help all licentiate Landscape Architects (as well as professionals from other disciplines of the construction industry) build the essential knowledge as a professional as well as in their preparation for the upcoming exams. By no means we can guarantee success in your oral exam but we can offer you a series of tools that will greatly help you organise your studies, identify what you don’t know from questions that have been asked to others and gradually develop your confidence. All of the answers have been researched by experienced Chartered Landscape Architects (CMLI) and are regularly updated with improved content.

The approach to the answers is more exam-style focused, rather than giving you long winded ones. We’re trying to give you their short version, which is exactly what you will be asked to provide during your oral exam. You will hardly ever be asked about dates for Acts or revisions to legislation, so we usually pack that additional level of information in the ‘READ MORE’ section at the bottom of an answer if you want to go through more details on that subject.

Have a great preparation!