What does the Royal Charter mean to the Landscape Architect?

The Royal Charter is integral to the profession and what is required from the Landscape Architect through the standards of the code is to:

  • Promote professional attitudes
  • Promote professional competence
  • Promote trust in professional relationships.

It dictates several fundamental obligations to all Landscape Architects as well as me:

  • The application of intellectual and analytical skills
  • The planning and design of all types of outdoor and enclosed spaces
  • The determination of policies and planning for existing and future landscapes
  • The appraisal and harmonious integration of development and the built environment into landscapes
  • The conservation, modification and continuing management of the landscapes
  • The promotion of a greater knowledge and understanding of materials and technology and resolution of practicall and scape issues and problems
  • The promotion of abetter understanding of the principles and purposes of natural, biological and physical systems affecting or relating to the landscape.

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