What are the Rules of the Code of Practice? (formerly known as Code of Conduct)

In December 2021 the Landscape Institute updated the formerly known Code of Conduct, to rebrand it as the Code of Practice. The 13 Standards previously contained within the Code of Conduct have now been reduced to 11 and they still describe the attitude that a landscape professional is expected to portray during the daily work engagements.

The 11 Rules of the Code of Practice are as follows:

Rule 1
You must deliver landscape services in ways which promote sustainable development and the environmentally responsible use of resources.

Rule 2
You must deliver landscape services in a manner consistent with the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion and must not unlawfully discriminate against others.

Rule 3
You must uphold the reputation and dignity of the landscape profession and that of the Landscape Institute.

Rule 4
You must ensure that your landscape business is managed properly and in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

Rule 5
You must have appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance covering relevant landscape services.

Rule 6
You must only provide services you are competent to deliver.

Rule 7
You must undertake CPD in accordance with the Landscape Institute’s requirements.

Rule 8
You must aim to deliver the safest, highest quality landscape service, consistent with your professional obligations, in the public interest and in accordance with relevant legal requirements.

Rule 9
You must ensure there is an appropriate process in place to deal promptly and effectively with complaints about the landscape services you provide.

Rule 10
You must avoid conflicts of interest where possible, and ensure they are declared and managed where they arise.

Rule 11
You must act with integrity in your relationship with clients, other professionals, the public, and the Landscape Institute.

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