What are the Worker’s duties under the CDM Regs 2015?

Workers have an important role and should take an active part in helping to manage health and safety risks. In particular, workers must:

  • only carry out construction work if they have the relevant skills, knowledge, training and experience – or they are provided with the training and supervision that enables them to do it safely and without risk to health
  • make themselves aware of the health and safety risks involved in work on every site and the way those risks are managed
  • always follow site rules and procedures
  • cooperate with other dutyholders, such as the Contractor in control of their work and the Principal Contractor (who controls the overall project when there is more than one contractor)
  • report any risks they find to whoever controls the work on site, whether the risks affect their own health and safety or anyone else, including other workers and members of the public.

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