What would be on the agenda of a pre-construction (pre-start) meeting?

When the contractor has been appointed by the client and the contract placed, an initial project meeting with the contractor and all others concerned should be arranged prior to works commencing on site. The pre-construction meeting is held to establish contract procedure and administration and is usually chaired by the Contract Administrator.

An agenda should be issued prior to the meeting which will include the following items for discussion.


  1. Introduction
    • Appointments, personnel roles, responsibilities
  2. Project work
    • Project description
    • Site description and special requirements
  3. Contract
    • Contract formalities
    • Handover of production information
    • Insurances and Bond (if relevant)
    • Commencement and Completion
    • Possession
    • Tax Certificate C1SF
  4. Statutory Obligations
    • Legislation and bye laws
  5. CDM / Health and Safety
  6. Contractual Matters
    • Programme
    • Site organisation
    • Quality control
    • Specialist sub contractors
    • Testing
    • Services
    • Sign boards
    • Certificates of competence for hazardous substances i.e. herbicides
  7. Clerks of Works Matters
    • Roles and duties
    • Facilities
    • Liaison
    • Dayworks
  8. Consultants Matters
    • Liaison
    • Instruction
    • Programme
  9. Quantity Surveyors Matters
    • Valuation procedures
    • Dayworks
    • VAT
  10. Communications and Procedures
    • Information requirements
    • Distribution of information
    • Instructions and lines of communication
    • Claims
  11. Meetings
    • Pattern and proceedings
    • Status of minutes
    • Distribution.


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