Does working with regular clients affect your competitiveness?

You can never take a client for granted and the rates for the agreed work should always be reasonable, competitive and follow current market rates. Establishing relationships with developers is a time consuming process based on trust, skills, efficiency and balanced fees. Once it’s established however, things become easier as both parties know what to expect and how they will work to get to the desired result efficiently.

Having long term established relationships that bring in repetitive work, does not mean that any other prospect client should be turned down. If anything, spreading work across multiple clients is the best way to maintain a healthy business without having the risk of running short on cash-flow because there’s not enough money coming in from that one specific client.

Practice managing directors are always aware that more work constantly needs to be secured and that can only happen by actively being a part of the competitive market and not ‘putting all of your eggs in one basket’.


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