What are the advantages of using a programme?

Creating a construction schedule before the work begins can have the following benefits:

  • Generating knowledge of the details and fewer surprises well into the project by the need to pre-plan the project
  • Maximising quality control measures by properly sequencing the work
  • Improving planning of resources such as labour and equipment
  • Enhancing coordination efforts between client and construction operations
  • Buying-out materials and critical elements with enough lead time
  • Submitting shop drawings, samples and data sheets in timely fashion
  • Giving the affected parties such as the subs, vendors, designers and client time to better plan their own activities
  • Improving safety performance by sequencing the activities to ensure maximum protection for workers
  • Decreasing risk of damage to adjacent property and installed work leading to a reduced punch list
  • Pricing winter protection measures accurately by knowing which weather sensitive activities will be put in place during cold weather and the duration of those activities.

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